Small changes make a big difference

The average person living in Ottawa uses about 183 L of water a day. That's over 700 L every day for a family of four. At our current water rates, that costs about $935 a year.

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* The estimated savings associated with this survey are applicable to City of Ottawa residents using city water and sewers and does not apply to residents in rural sectors of the city that use personal wells and/or septic systems.

Where do we get our water?

In Ottawa, most of our drinking water comes from the Ottawa River. After we use it – for brushing our teeth, washing our carrots, or taking a hot bath – the wastewater flows down the drain, through the sewers to the wastewater treatment plant, where it is treated then sent back to the river.

Canadians are water guzzlers*

US : 380 L
France: 150 L
Canada: 343 L
Israel: 135 L
Italy: 255 L
Saharan Africa: 20 L
Sweden: 200 L * L per person per day

Ottawa residents use an average of 183 L per person per day in their homes. In the summer, when lawn and garden care is added, consumption can increase by 30 L per day, which amounts to an additional 3600 L of water per person per summer (enough to fill 2.5 hot tubs).

Canadians' daily water use

Are you flushing money down the toilet? In Canada, up to 25% of toilets leak. That’s 1.8 billion litres of clean, treated water going down the toilet every day. That’s the same amount of water that flows over Niagara Falls every 11 minutes.